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Danger and romance in this fast-paced novel with a heart.

The Time Capsule audiobook is available at, Amazon, B&N, Apple, Kobo, Scribd and other retailers. Watch the audiobook trailer here!

Below is a two-minute sample of the audiobook. #audiobook #timetravel #historicalfiction #socialjusticefiction

The Time Capsule 


A riveting time travel romance set against the backdrop of the 1918 flu epidemic and WWI. Watch the Book Trailer.



Livvy and the Enchanted Woodland 

Watch the book trailer.

A Suffragette in Time 


Sarah Burns finds herself in the mid-1850s fighting for women's rights and against slavery. A fast-paced Time Travel Historical. Watch the book trailer.

Author Trailer


Author Connie Lacy writes books about gutsy young women facing serious challenges set against a backdrop of some thorny issues. Watch the trailer.

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