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Historical Fiction set against a backdrop of the Cuban Missile Crisis


In the autumn of 1962, Cheryl Donovan falls in love with an Army pilot. But all is not right with the world. President Kennedy announces that the Soviet Union has deployed nuclear missiles in Cuba, and they’re aimed at the United States. As the world teeters on the brink of nuclear war, Cheryl can’t be sure she’ll even wake up tomorrow.


It seems like the stars are aligned against her as she faces one crisis after another. She discovers that the handsome pilot she’s falling for thinks a woman’s place is in the home, which won’t do at all. An overheard conversation puts her in the sights of a dangerous criminal. Her best friend Tina has been keeping a secret that makes Cheryl question whether she’s been cavalier about their friendship. And a good buddy from high school has a secret of his own that confuses her about one of her most important decisions.


With the fate of the world hanging in the balance, Cheryl is pulled in different directions as she tries to remain true to her heart. The October That Changed Everything is a story of love, friendship, family and courage.

Livvy - Kindle - High Resolution.jpg

Romance, intrigue and a touch of enchantment…


“Magic happens all the time. You just have to look for it.” That’s what Livvy Sloan's Grandma used to say. But as the Great Depression settles over rural Georgia in 1930, magic is hard to come by. Losing the family farm looms larger day by day.


So Livvy escapes to her secret woodland most afternoons to create forest sculptures. That’s where she meets a mysterious Englishman on horseback who admires her art and makes her heart race. But there’s something amiss about Gordon Collins.


Back home she’s pursued by Coy Whitaker. With good looks and money to spare, he’s eager to help Livvy and her family in their time of need. She gives him a chance, pushing doubts aside. As her family is hammered by one disaster after another, Livvy finds herself hoping against hope and trying to find some of that magic Grandma talked about.

Historical fantasy. Magical realism. Clean romance.

A Suffragette in Time - High Resolution.jpg

A Suffragette in Time


Thrown back in time to the 1850s, Sarah Burns transforms herself into a suffragette. But traveling the speaking circuit can be risky in a time when men believe a woman’s place is in the home. It can be downright dangerous when she shares the stage with anti-slavery activists whose fiery rhetoric triggers violence.


Her uneasy alliance with an arrogant abolitionist may be heading toward romance, but it’s a bumpy road with perilous obstacles, including slave hunters intent on kidnapping anyone they can sell down south. Living with a family operating a station on the Underground Railroad doesn’t make life any easier.

A Suffragette in Time is a fast-paced time travel story set against the backdrop of one of the most acrimonious periods in American history, as the fight over slavery escalates toward the American Civil War. Danger, romance and one woman’s personal battle to make the world a better place. 

The Time Capsule, a time travel romance by Connie Lacy

The Time Capsule

Searching for meaning in her life, Hannah Myers is disoriented when she finds herself thrown back in time to 1918. Why is she here? And how can she possibly be falling in love with a buttoned-up newspaper reporter named David Wagner?


With its quaint trolleys and Model T’s, Atlanta of 1918 is a far cry from the Atlanta she knows in 2019. It’s a dangerous era, with a virulent flu epidemic killing millions while American doughboys are shipped off to fight in the waning days of the First World War. As if that’s not bad enough, the Ku Klux Klan is roaring back to life while a corrupt politician threatens anyone who crosses him, especially a certain reporter.


Realizing how great the threat is to the man she loves, Hannah is desperate to protect him. But is it possible to tamper with history? Could there be adverse repercussions?


A riveting time travel romance. 

Connie Lacy, author time travel novel

The Going Back Portal

Kathryn Spears is a skeptical producer for a TV investigative news team. So when her grandmother claims a Cherokee Indian woman is living on a neighboring farm, she dismisses it as early Alzheimer’s. Because, obviously, there is no farm nearby. Not in the present anyway. But when she follows Nana’s lead, Kathryn is transported back in time to the year 1840 where she finds a young Cherokee woman left behind when her family marched west on the Trail of Tears.


Forest Water is ensnared in a dangerous struggle to keep her ancestral lands against a violent white man who claims the farm, and then claims her as well. Desperate to help her new friend, Kathryn becomes entangled in a battle between good and evil with much higher stakes than she imagines.


Each of these young women falls in love with a man from her own time, but there are threats, both seen and unseen, that could cost them their lives.


A fast-paced time travel story about a couple of courageous women and a grandmother who sets events in motion.

The Time Telephone by Connie Lacy
The Time Telephone 


Teen/Young Adult Fiction 


4.5 Stars (out of 5) Highly recommended - Underground Book Reviews: ... a charming coming of age story about loss, abandonment and acceptance.

What if you could save your mother’s life by calling her in the past on a time telephone? 17 year old Megan McConnell decides she has nothing to lose, and maybe everything to gain, after her mom is killed covering the war in Afghanistan. She’s grieving, bitter and skeptical when she stumbles on an antique phone in the farmhouse where her mother grew up. When the operator asks her what year she wishes to call, Megan decides to give it a try, even if there’s only a remote chance it’s for real.


She’s also desperately hoping for another chance at a genuine mother-daughter relationship with a woman who’s chosen a career as a foreign correspondent over motherhood.

A Daffodil for Angie by Connie Lacy
VisionSight: a Novel by Connie Lacy

A Daffodil for Angie

Teen/Young Adult Fiction

1966. A tough time to be a teenager, especially for Angie Finley. Her dad’s in Vietnam as antiwar protests mount. School integration is underway. Bullies target the first black girl in her class. Her mom’s pushing her to be a cheerleader. Women are pressing for equal rights. Oh, and a good-looking football player can’t keep his hands off her.


Looks like ditching her glasses for contacts and frosting her hair might not make life at Lafayette Senior High as successful as she imagined.


Set against a backdrop of the Sixties, A Daffodil for Angie is a compelling coming-of-age story about a girl on the cusp of womanhood facing tough choices during one of the most tumultuous decades in American history.


Angie comes face to face with growing antiwar sentiment and racial violence as rising social consciousness transforms American society with a little help from the likes of Bob Dylan, the Beatles and Aretha Franklin.

VisionSight: a Novel


Jenna Stevens inherits the gift of VisionSight when her mother dies.  But it drives her crazy seeing the heartbreaking futures of her loved ones when there's nothing she can do to help.


So she distances herself from everyone she loves and throws herself into her acting career and the arms of a young director.  But her visions haunt her and she struggles to prevent the misery that lies in wait as her own life spirals out of control.


A heartfelt story of a young woman's quest for courage and love.

Sci-Fi, Romantic Suspens, Action/Adventure
Climate fiction, Eco fiction, Speculative Fiction, Science Fiction, Romantic Suspense
The Shade Ring, Book 1 of The Shade Ring Trilogy


Action, romance and political intrigue in a hotter, more dangerous world...


The year is 2117. Sea level has risen fifteen feet and whole cities are submerged. But Neave Alvarez begins to question whether a solar shade ring is the best way to slow polar melting, even though her father is the one pushing the plan. Doubts bubble up on an expedition to sunken Charleston, where she meets the first man who's ever vibrated her molecules, only to discover he's a clone - a clone who asks infuriating questions about what her scientist parents are up to. 


Her pursuit of the truth draws her into a dangerous world of political intrigue and dark family secrets, as she wrestles with troubling questions about whether clones have a soul, whether true loves still exists anymore and the meaning of family.

Albedo Effect, Book 2 of The Shade Ring Trilogy


Threats from a power-hungry father. Rejection by the man she loves. An increasingly violent Mother Nature. And political upheaval over runaway global warming.  Neave Alvarez faces danger on all fronts in Albedo Effect, Book 2 of The Shade Ring Trilogy.


She’s shocked that her father, the disgraced former Climate Secretary, has been extradited to China and won’t face charges for two likely murders or fraud against his own country.  And when it becomes obvious he’ll stop at nothing to prevent her from marrying “a subhuman clone,” she realizes she must fight back.


Set a hundred years in the future when sea levels have risen fifteen feet, Albedo Effect is about a gutsy young woman trying to navigate escalating political turmoil over a plan to shield the Earth from the sun. This, as she struggles to protect loved ones from her cold-blooded father.


Speculative Fiction, Climate Fiction, Romantic Suspense and Action/Adventure.


Aerosol Sky, Book 3 of The Shade Ring Trilogy by Connie Lacy

Aerosol Sky, Book 3 of The Shade Ring Trilogy

A Terrifying showdown with an evil father, escalating threats of war, saving her relationship with the clone she loves, and a chilling confrontation with climate refugees...


Neave Alavarez’s battle with her cruel father reaches a crescendo in Aerosol Sky. But a well-intentioned bid to pull the plug on his power causes a painful rift with her fiancé.


Set against a backdrop of runaway global warming, this final installment of The Shade Ring Trilogy finds Neave struggling to stop her father before he murders the man she loves. And before he triggers global war over a scheme to shade the earth from the sun.


Once again, she’s caught in Mother Nature’s crosshairs. Her activism also brings her face-to-face with the human collateral of a fifteen-foot rise in sea level coupled with heavy rains from world-wide cloud seeding.


A fast-paced story with memorable characters, political intrigue and an interesting take on clones as the next minority – all in a hotter, more dangerous world.


Speculative Fiction, Climate Fiction, Action/Adventure and Romantic suspense, rolled into one.

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