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Seeing the future...

“If only I’d known then what I know now…” How often have you said that? What if you really did know then what you know now? Would you have changed the way you lived your life? Would you have chosen a different path?

Seeing the future has its charms. At least in the abstract. But it’s a scary concept too. Especially if there’s nothing you can do to change the future you see, particularly the bad parts.

That’s the setup of my latest novel, VisionSight. When Jenna Stevens looks into the eyes of people she cares about she sees their future. And their futures are filled with misery and heartache, which she doesn’t know how to change. Of course that makes her want to distance herself from her loved ones.

It’s an interesting intellectual exercise to go back to your 16 year old self or your 21 year old self and try to figure out what you might’ve done differently if you’d known which actions would trip you up. There are a number of decisions I wish I could go back and change. But what if I could actually do that? Would I be any happier or any more successful today? The thing is, life is complicated. Mistakes can lead to good people, good jobs and meaning in your life. They can build character. And seeing the future could be overwhelming. Just ask Jenna Stevens.

VisionSight is available in ebook and paperback on Amazon.


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