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A brief excerpt from my soon-to-be-published time travel novel

Publication of my seventh novel is just weeks away. It's my second time travel novel. The Going Back Portal is set in present-day Atlanta and Athens, GA, and 1840s northeast Georgia.

Here's a very brief excerpt from early in the book to whet your appetite:

"A light breeze rustled the leaves above me. Together with the whoosh of the river, it was like phantom voices whispering. Which made the hairs stand up on my arms. No wonder Nana was having delusions. I could almost feel a presence, myself.

I studied the outline of the smaller building. Along the back a rusted hinge lay half buried in leaves and pine straw next to several smooth river rocks. Nudging the ground cover with my toe, I discovered small animal bones, colored beads and feathers as well. There must’ve been a door here. I was about to drop the half-eaten fig and step inside the boundary when it occurred to me that Nana was chewing a fig when she had her hallucination or whatever it was. Could the fruit have triggered it? Determined to find out, I popped the half fig she’d given me in my mouth and crossed the invisible threshold. A sweet, woody flavor hit my taste buds as a loud buzzing filled my ears. I closed my eyes, my head swimming. When I opened them, I was inside a small hut. Staring at me was a pair of intense dark eyes belonging to a young woman seated on what looked like an Indian blanket, nursing a baby."

The picture above is an actual photo of a part-Cherokee Indian girl from the 1880s (which does not appear on the cover of my novel.)

For more on my books, check the home page of my website here. And you can follow me on Facebook here.


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