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"Authentic, compelling… A stunner." The review that made me smile.

I'm thrilled with the review of The October That Changed Everything from The Prairies Book Review! See for yourself.

"Authentic, compelling... A stunner."

"Set against the backdrop of the Cuban Missile Crisis... Lacy’s latest novel follows one woman’s journey as she navigates love, friendship, and personal challenges amidst the looming threat of nuclear war. Autumn of ’62. Love blooms between Cheryl Donovan and a dashing Army pilot. But amidst the giddy haze of romance, dark clouds loom on the horizon. President Kennedy’s chilling announcement of Soviet nuclear missiles in Cuba thrusts the world on the brink of war, casting a shadow over Cheryl’s every move. As she navigates through one crisis after another, she must confront her lover’s archaic views on women, dodge a dangerous criminal, and reexamine her friendships in light of a shocking revelation. Meanwhile, an old acquaintance resurfaces with a secret. With the fate of the world at stake, Cheryl is torn between following her heart and succumbing to external pressures.

Lacy intricately develops her characters, making them relatable and engaging. Cheryl struggles to maintain normalcy as the looming threat of nuclear war threatens her sense of security. Tina navigates a minefield of internal insecurities and external pressures, while young Ricky is forced to confront the gravity of the situation and shed his innocence. Secondary characters add depth to the narrative, from Allan’s potential romantic interest in Cheryl to Paul’s role in enforcing the blockade and Cheryl’s father’s veteran strength. Sharp dialogue and interpersonal conflicts further intensify the narrative, driving it forward and deepening relationships.

The pace is expertly crafted, alternating between tranquil moments and heart-racing action, keeping readers invested. Lacy skillfully weaves the tumultuous events of the Cuban Missile Crisis into her story, creating a sense of urgency and tension. Through vivid descriptions and emotional depth, she transports readers to the 1960s – a time rife with political turmoil and global uncertainty. The pervasive atmosphere of fear and apprehension permeates every page, adding an authentic layer of complexity to the characters’ struggles as they navigate a world on the brink of nuclear disaster. Amidst these intense circumstances, bonds are tested and resilience is revealed. Bravery shines through in moments of danger, showcasing humanity’s ability to overcome obstacles. The novel also delves into the impact of historical events on personal lives and collective memory, while emphasizing the importance of community and solidarity in times of crisis. A compelling tale that delves into the complexities of human emotion, relationships, and resilience in the face of historical turmoil." - The Prairies Book Review

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